Vertices Examples for Kids

Kids are familiar with fundamental geometrical 2D and 3D shaped objects. Depends on the shape of the object the vertices/vertex will be changed. The vertices are considered as the unusual peak in the geometric entity. These peaks are occurring at the place where the entities interact with one another. Vertices are also present in the angles, polygons, polyhedral and graph. By seeing some of the examples of vertices the kids can easily understand the vertices concept.
Vertices Examples for Kids:

In math geometry the vertex refers the common peak of the two line segments. From the below figure kids can know how vertex is shown.


Example 1: Square

Square is geometric 2D shapes which consist of four corner points called as vertices. From the below figure the dot points refers the vertices.

vertices of a square

Example 2: Rectangle

For rectangle also there are four vertices is present. But the four sides are not same like square only a opposing faces are identical in length.

vertices of a Rectangle

Example 3: Triangle

Triangle is one of the fundamental shape in geometry with three faces and three vertices. By joining three faces of the triangle we can get three intersection point called as three vertices, which is shown in the below figure.

Vertices of a Triangle
Some more Vertices Examples for Kids:

Example 4: Cube

Cube is a 3D shaped object with combination of squares. Obviously all the solid geometric objects contain more than three vertices. In cubic object the three lines meets with one to another that is referred as vertices. Therefore, totally eight vertices present in the cube. The below figure shows the vertices (dot point) of the cube.

Vertices of a 3D-Cube

Example 5: Pentagon

Pentagon is one of the type of polygon; which consist of five faces and five vertices. Each face meeting corner is referred as a vertices of pentagon.

Vertices of a Pentagon

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Example 6: Hexagon

Hexagon is also a type of polygon; which consist of six faces and six vertices. By joining each six face of the hexagon we can get the six vertices.

Vertices of a Hexogon

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Example 7: Parabola

By using quadratic equation the parabolic shapes are described. In solid geometry we define the parabola and its vertices. The below figure shows the vertices of parabola.

Vertices of a Parabola


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